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This page answers most frequently asked questions on Blogr.AMP Blogger template theme designs, features, helpers, customization techniques & troubleshooting guides.


Can I install this template on an older blog?

Yes. Blogr.AMP Blogger template can be installed on old or new blog setup & is validated with/as an AMP HTML pages. No changes to earlier published posts required.

Is this template responsive?

Yes. This template was made using the mobile 1st design approach. Details can be viewed & referenced in this blog.

Can I use Blogger layout & add or re-arrange widgets?

Yes. You can add any amount of widgets at your Blogger layout. However to fulfill AMP validation, newly added Blogger widgets needs to remove the quickedit inserts. View theme documentations for instructions.

As stated in theme documentation, not all Blogger widgets will be available & will be fully functioning, since that this template has been opted out on most default widgets which uses javascripts.

Can I use Blogger Template Designer features?

Unfortunately no. Blogger template designer is unavailable but the theme offers direct editing with clean & readable mark-ups to easily custom set is styles.

My sidebar & footer is missing! I can only view it on the web.

Optimization. The theme sidebar & footer is not rendered/display on mobile view to focus on your blog page contents & to render your pages quickly for mobile devices.

My slide out sidebar layout is missing! Where can i edit & why?

Update amp-sidebar. Replace amp-sidebar tag in template HTML to use div tag & save template. This is required as Blogger layout could not interpret this new AMP HTML tag. Further instructions can be viewed in theme documentation.

My contact page is missing?

Upload sample contents. Upload sample contents using the *_pages.xml file provided in template downloads. Or you can create a new blog Page & include the contact form helper.

How can I change theme color or background?

Template HTML. AMP pages uses a custom style tag to display its layout. This theme comes with lots of identifiers to help target which element can be changed to suit your preferences.

My blog archive widget will not expand?

Widget javascript disabled. Blogger widgets which uses javascript is mostly disabled to allow for AMP HTML integrations.

My stats widget is not working?

Widget javascript disabled. Blogger widgets which uses javascript is mostly disabled to allow for AMP HTML integrations.

Do I have to edit any URL's in template?

No. All URL's in template has been dynamically assigned according to your blog settings. 

Will there be any template updates?

Maybe. It all depends on the platform it is used and the components a template comes with. But overall, there would be no major issue as we try our best to accommodate forward compatibility.

If there is template updates, will I get it for free?

Yes. Updates, changes especially targeting on template bug fixes is free. However, updates may require to copy & paste codes as on Blogger there is no possible way (as-is) to keep current template customization.

Like any of our template collection, we provide a version history for template updates, which you can opt in if you require to use it. 

Can I get template support from Blogger Help Forum?

No. This template is considered as a 3rd party application as the entire Blogger templating has been customized to integrate AMP HTML components. You can require help from us or ask your questions at developers ask & answer websites.

Can I get help for customization?

Absolutely yes. We provide free unlimited support for all template collection & customization within the initial template context.

Addons & Added Features

My contact form is missing & not available at contact page?

Missing form helpers. At your contact page, make sure the contact form helper tag is available. View documentation for details.

My featured bottom is missing?

Allow blog feed to full. Make sure the Allow blog feed to full is selected at your blog Settings > Post & Comments.

My featured slider is missing?

Update assigned widget. It may take a while for the assigned widget to update if you installed this theme on a newly created blog. This will allow blogger servers to populate your pages. Try customizing the widget settings & Save your widget.

What comment system is used & why?

Disqus & Google+ comments. Disqus is one of the most engaging comments system available. The service is free and there are tonnes of customization users can choose. Google+ comments is also included but requires to be enabled via template HTML. View theme documentation for details.

Blogger default comment system is disabled since that this theme have opted out Blogger widget javascript usages.

How can I display icons?

Use md-icons class. By adding md-icons class name to the <i> tag, adding keyword reference to render an icon technique is used. The icons is provided by Google Material Icons, which makes it easy to implement on any webpage. Refer template HTML for reference or view Material icons website add in/select more than 500+ icons references to use.

Can I display ads or Adsense?

Yes. Only AMP HTML component supported ad providers is available on mobile views. Using Adsense may require additional code parsing given from your Adsense dashboard, depending on the location you want to include in your blog template.

Further details & tutorials made available in this blog.

Publishing Posts

When I paste texts in editor, the text looks awkward & different. Why & how can I remove it?

Use remove formatting. When copied & paste text from elsewhere, the text styles is inherited from its origin. In order to remove the styles, at blog editor select the entire text > click the Remove Formatting icon at blog post editor tool.

How do I add videos?

Use Blogger Add Video post editor tool. Use the Add Video button to insert videos as you normally would on any other blog.

When I add audio or video, will it not validate my AMP pages?

No it will not. Your video or audio element tags does not need to be replaced or update using AMP HTML components - unless you want to display your video or audio on mobile views.

How do I add post images?

Use Blogger editor. Upload images or grab images from the internet by using blogger editor upload image icon.

Is there any image upload limit for a post?

Yes. Limit would be < 25Mb/image file size (total uploads). Do consider on the image file size you're about to upload. It is best to upload images below 100kb in file size at 4:3 image ratio minimum 900px X 675px.

About AMP Pages

How can I check AMP pages validation?

Use dev-mode. By default this theme comes with validation checker for validating AMP pages & with Google Insights. Add class name of dev-mode at theme <body> tag to enable this feature.

Do I need to use AMP HTML tags on my newly added elements?

No not necessary. Create a blog posts is like what you normally do. Considerations must be applied when adding elements at your blog layout. This theme comes with indicators at layout where AMP HTML is required to apply with.

Can I add Javascript or jQuery plug-in?

Yes you can. Javascript or any external sources can be included. However it will only be displayed on web views & not on mobile views. Refer template HTML on its location for best practices.

But, if adding external resources will make AMP invalid?

No it does not. As long you follow this theme guidelines, your AMP pages will validate. You can always use dev-mode to check your pages anytime you wish.

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